Founded in 2009, KyCAD is proud of its success. Core values and principles have helped to shape the institution and our work toward a mission to provide a transformational experience for our students.

As a brand-new college looking to demonstrate the value of the arts to society, we embrace the ability of the arts to reflect a generation’s interests and opinions. This college places the meaning of practice and the artist’s voice beside the skills and the tools with which we speak.

From our histories to new technologies, from our crafts and material practices to a new digital world of the virtual and unreal, we investigate the very roots of what it means to be human in a wide variety of ways. Artists use not only intuition and speculation, but also spiritual, emotional, analytical and material ways to search for new knowledge.

Our Mission

The Kentucky College of Art + Design opens the door to a creative and productive life through higher education in the contemporary arts.

Our Vision

Kentucky College of Art + Design will:

  • Become the first independent four-year college of art and design in the state of Kentucky.
  • Provide an excellent education that prepares students for success.
  • Create an inclusive learning community within which all students can grow.
  • Foster a global view and an understanding of the power of the arts to create change.

Our Values

We will:

  • Create a workplace where students, faculty and staff are equally heard.
  • Develop practices that embrace innovation and change.
  • Make decisions within a culture of open integrity.
  • Act in responsible ways to protect the urban and natural environment.
  • Become effective, collaborative citizens in our community an beyond


  • Philip Anderton
  • John Birnsteel
  • Cary Brown
  • Gordon Brown
  • Owsley Brown III
  • Christina Lee Brown *
  • Laura Lee Brown
  • Charles Cash
  • Churchill Davenport **
  • Fred Davis
  • Bill Fisher, Jr.
  • Juliet Gray
  • Tracey Johnson
  • Todd Lowe
  • Len Moisan
  • Senator Gerald Neal
  • Moira Scott Payne
  • Greg Pope
  • Julien Robson
  • Mary Stone *
  • Terry Tyler **
  • Tanner Watkins
  • Keith Williams

* Honorary Board Member
** Ex Officio