KyCAD's Research-Driven Academic Program

At KyCAD, we embrace the ability of the arts to reflect the times. We place the artist’s voice in equal position to the skills that an artist utilizes.

From histories to new technologies, from crafts and material practices to a digital world of the virtual and unreal, we encourage our students to investigate the roots of what it means to be human. Artists use not only intuition and speculation, but spiritual, emotional, analytical, and material ways to search for and create knowledge.  

Our curriculum includes professional practice and prepares students to apply their creative skills to numerous career pathways. The confidence with analog and digital literacies gained in art school prepares a KyCAD graduate* for opportunities to enter an adaptable workforce in burgeoning cultural and creative industries.

BFA in Studio Art | Academic Catalog

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art* is a four-year professional degree centered on intensive studies in the arts. Students work with diverse materials and processes that blend the boundaries between traditional and emerging media including drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, performance, installation, and community art projects. See our Full Academic Catalog.
BFA in Studio ARt

Centers of Inquiry  

KyCAD utilizes a group of six Centers to support a subject-driven curriculum that creates an understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.  We develop innovative models of interdisciplinary work in and out of the studio reflecting the way the contemporary arts operate in the 21st century. 

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