BFA in
Studio Art

At KyCAD, we investigate creativity through various disciplines and diverse materials.

KyCAD utilizes a group of six Centers to support a subject-driven curriculum that creates an understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.  We develop innovative models of interdisciplinary work in and out of the studio reflecting the way the contemporary arts operate in the 21st century. 

The confidence with analog and digital literacies gained in art school prepares a KyCAD graduate for opportunities to enter an adaptable workforce in burgeoning cultural and creative industries. See our Full Academic Catalog.

One Degree, Countless Possibilities.
Bold. Open. Exploratory.

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art is a four-year professional degree centered on intensive studies in the arts. Students work with diverse materials and processes which blend the boundaries between traditional and emerging media including drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, performance, installation, and community art projects.

A quarter of the program is dedicated to general education, where students explore multiple areas of knowledge (humanities, social science, natural sciences, and math) setting a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

First-year Foundation

Our Foundation Program provides students with intensive instruction in the fundamentals of art and design. These six foundation courses allow space to experiment across media and investigate creativity through various disciplines, providing students with skills applicable to any area of inquiry they choose to pursue.

Academic mentoring model and support

In the sophomore year, students begin to focus on the themes within their work and start investigating a Center of Inquiry while being exposed to a broad range of skills and processes.   

Throughout the junior and senior years, students experience a mentoring model with support from a team of faculty, staff and industry partners culminating in a professional internship opportunity and final exhibition, or capstone project, supported by a written thesis.

*KyCAD’s degree program is not currently accredited by any agency. A student enrolled in an unaccredited institution is not eligible for federal financial aid programs.