April 12, 2024

Studio Visit with Dawn Hatzidakis, Local Jeweler

KyCAD student Asia Jewell recently met with local jeweler and coppersmith Dawn Hatzidakis at her Louisville business, “Designs by Dawn.” Jewell's studio visit was part of the class STU491 Wearable Art: Metal and the Body taught by (Assistant Professor of Studio Art) Céline Browning.

Afterwards, Jewell sat down with Professor Browning to talk about the experience.

CB: Were there any similarities or differences between the artist’s studio and the KyCAD studio that particularly stood out to you?

AJ: Dawn had a lot of extra tools like a Dremel, Ryobi, and a flex shaft. The artist also only uses resin to seal flame painting.

CB: During the visit, were you introduced to any tools or technical skills that you would like to investigate further?

AJ: I was introduced to aspects of wire work and ways of experimenting with different gauges of copper and the artist gave me tips on how to start metal/copper smithing at home with tools like a cake pan, pumice, baking sheet, heat resistant mat, and a butane torch. I also learned that there is a metal superstore in Newburg and the artist shared the color pattern for flame painting.

CB: What most interested you about the studio visit?

AJ: The most interesting thing was her enthusiasm to teach me; it was amazing and humbling. I was able to see that my story matters and that talking about my art and culture only intimidates those who aren’t open-minded or open to topics of discussion on change and humanity. How much Dawn appreciated the story behind my brooch was enough to excite and motivate me.

Check out Hatzidakis account of the day here.