May 13, 2024

KyCAD 2024 Senior Thesis + Graduation

That’s a wrap on the ’23-’24 academic year and this cohort of graduates is nothing less than exceptional.

To kick off the graduation weekend, family, friends and the KyCAD community gathered in support of Lizzie Hill, Kelsi Haberman and Jesenia Avila-Ugalde on Friday, May 10th, for their Senior Thesis Exhibition Opening Reception.

Home Grown Mischief, Hill’s Thesis Exhibition, invites viewers into the whimsical world of a rat’s perspective on the comforts of home. This exhibition delves into the realms of mental and spiritual growth fostered by family and community support systems. Each work reflects the journey of regrowth, renewal and transformation, mirroring the inherent resilience in both nature and the human experience. Viewers are encouraged to explore the multi-sensory interactive components throughout the installation.

Not Your Home, Haberman’s Thesis Exhibition, specifically talks about gentrification in Louisville and what kind of impact that’s having on the homeless community. Haberman is passionate about what we can do to create change. The works in the show are found objects that have been repurposed to tell a story that relates back to the lack of food accessibility,the lack of housing and what revitalization really is.

El Pueblitote, Avila-Ugalde’s Thesis Exhibition, is a culmination of her ongoing exploration of Latinx culture in Louisville, particularly along Preston Hwy, viewed through her personal lens. Avila-Ugalde highlights three main pillars including spirituality, community and family.

Saturday, May 11th, our third cohort of students graduated. During the ceremony, Silas House joined us as our keynote speaker. River City Drum Corp opened and closed the celebration.

 We send Hill, Haberman, and Avila-Ugalde off with well-wishes and our utmost support!

The BFA thesis exhibition will remain on view through July 2024.