April 1, 2024

Thank You To Our Board of Trustees!

We are so grateful for our stellar and supportive Board of Trustees, especially for the steadfast leadership of Board Chair, John Birnsteel.

The 2023-2024 roster is impressive, as ever:

Michael Aldridge

Philip Anderton

John Birnsteel

John E. Brooks

Laura Lee Brown

Owsley Brown III

William Maurice Brown

Charles Cash

Churchill G. Davenport

Frederic H. Davis

Juliet Gray

James E. Haynes

Todd Lowe

John MacLean

Senator Gerald Neal

Brett Oppenheimer

Moira Scott Payne**

Greg Pope

Julien Robson

Yamilca Rodriguez

Barbara Sexton Smith

Dr. Rick W. Smith, Sr.

Elizabeth Perry Spalding

Terry W. Tyler        

Nathan Wachtel

Joshua Watkins

Tanner Watkins

Christina Lee Brown*

* Honorary Board Member

** Ex Officio