Dr. Bailey Moorhead

Assistant Professor of English

Bailey Moorhead’s research and teaching interests are multidisciplinary, including U.S. literature and media, rhetoric/composition, modernism, historical fiction, capitalism, critical race theory, cultural studies, and gender studies. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Mississippi, where she taught courses on literature and composition. They also served as the Assistant Director of the UM Writing Center for three years. Before joining the faculty at KyCAD, they spent time at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on writing, literature, film, and American Studies. Bailey loves teaching because it offers ample opportunities to work with each student as a unique individual with specific learning needs and goals. She enjoys finding new ways to make courses more interesting and effective for students spanning a variety of learning styles. They have recent publications in Texas Studies in Literature and Language and in Western American Literature. She is currently revising her manuscript, Unearthing the Old South/West: Histories of Racial Capitalism in Modernist Border Narratives, into a monograph. Their academic work is rooted in material concerns and is motivated by ongoing and encompassing needs for progress and solidarity. She is originally from Oklahoma. Her favorite pastimes are cooking, hiking, playing video games, and trying to befriend every anim

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