Bold. Open. Experimental.


KyCAD’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree breaks the mold. With a subject-driven curriculum, our students learn to apply creativity in problem solving from day one. Our curriculum is designed to reinforce the importance of the integration of subject and skill. Every class works with an understanding that it is important to learn “how” to make something within a full understanding of “why.”

Our teaching model supports interdisciplinarity across the curriculum, encourages collaboration, and produces resilient, adaptable learners. We are an institution where faculty are not only facilitators, but partners and collaborators and where students are encouraged to see ideas and research as the foundation of their art practice.

Kentucky College of Art + Design Centers

Flexible. Innovative. Centered.


Move beyond disciplinary boundaries as you make your way through our subject-driven curriculum. Stretch your thinking. Develop an approach to practice that builds relevance and engagement around the role of the artist. Our program is structured under a group of six Centers or areas of learning. Students choose one or more areas of research that lead the development of their practice.

Center for Decorative Arts (Object)

Center for the Story (Narrative)

Center for the Human (People)

Center for the Environment (Place)

Center for Visualization (Translation)

Center for Art and Business (Entrepreneur)



Academic Catalog

The academic catalog contains program information and policies including course descriptions, degree requirements, information about student services, and other information designed to prepare students enrolled at, or considering, KyCAD.

Student Policies

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