The KyCAD Art and Design academic structure re-enforces the importance of the integration of subject and skill. Every class works with an understanding that it is important to learn “how” to make something within a full understanding of “why.”

Kentucky College of Art + Design structures its program in a way that allows for the development of a confident student capable of self-led inquiry. The first two years are highly taught with the student being exposed to a wide arts experience that introduces them to the many disciplines and conceptual and cultural territories within which the contemporary artist might work. The second two years move to a mentoring model that expects the student to gradually take hold of their own practice, to lead and to develop their ideas and learning with individual mentoring and support from a team of faculty, staff and industry partners.

Faculty see themselves not only as individual facilitators, but as partners and collaborators; cross teaching is built into the program. New innovative models of interdisciplinary work in and out of the studio are being developed to reflect the way the contemporary arts operate in the 21st century.

Kentucky College of Art + Design Centers

The academic program leading to the BFA is structured under a group of six Centers or areas of learning. These Centers reflect faculty interests and skills as well as the driving force of the institution of higher education dedicated to the furthering and development of research and new knowledge in the arts.

These six Centers lead a subject-driven curriculum that creates an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Center for Decorative Arts (Object)

Fashion, Jewelry, Interior Design, Ceramics, The Archive, The Gallery, The Collection.

Center for the Story (Narrative)

Moving Image, Sound, Performance, History and Time, Curatorial Studies.

Center for the Human (People)

Inclusion, Diversity, Race, Identity, Queer Theory, Health and Wellbeing.

Center for the Environment (Place)

Studio Arts, Installed/Environmental Arts, Art/Science and the Anthropocene.

Center for Visualization (Translation)

Animation, Infographics, Illustration, UX Design, Strategic Design.

Center for Art and Business (Entrepreneur)

Professional Practice, Business Studies.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog contains program information and policies including course descriptions, degree requirements, information about student services, and other information designed to prepare students enrolled at, or considering, KyCAD.

Student Policies

The Academic Catalog contains policies related to academics ranging from admission policies to graduation requirements. Non-academic policies of the college, including those related to student conduct and grievance procedures can be found in the Student Handbook.