Statement from KyCAD President Moira Scott Payne

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

We are experiencing the unbearable sadness of compounded pain. So many lives lost to the Corona Virus, racial violence and the sickening deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. We will “say their names” and say the names of the many who have died. As we stand and march in solidarity with our African American community, Kentucky College of Art and Design will not be silent. We will speak up, speak out, we will design radical solutions to communicate our anger and outrage … without violence.

Peaceful protest is a hallmark of American democracy. Our students must be safe on the streets, safe in their cars. Being a parent means constant alert, but our African American parents must be exhausted worrying about their families.

As a college of Higher Education we activate the opportunity for transformation and the building and empowering of all of our students. We see education for all, as the path towards knowledge and reflection. We see the arts as a way to reconnect with empathy and humanity. We want our African American students, our students of color, all of our students, to thrive in a world of racial equality, a world without hate. It is the artist, the filmmaker, the designer, the storyteller, who will paint a vision of a future of peace, equality, civil rights and justice. If we cannot imagine it, we cannot make it. As a college of art and design, our students, our staff and faculty will look for ways to envision change. We are proud to be part of Louisville, we believe in this “City of Compassion”, we believe we will find new ways to reach out over difference, we will work hard to engage in activities that uphold creative love and the common good.

Moira Scott Payne
Kentucky College of Art and Design