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An Interview with Céline Browning

Artist, Professor of Studio Arts at KyCAD

Who is Professor Céline Browning? I am an artist, art writer and educator from Chicago. Using the vocabulary of surrealism and pop-art, I deconstruct, combine, and repurpose familiar functional objects, creating an uncanny visual language that reimagines what these objects signify.

What drives your passion in the arts: as an artist and professor of studio arts? The capacity of art to create positive social change.

You’ve just been awarded a wonderful opportunity. Can you tell us about it? And what it would mean for you as an educator and artist? One of the keys to maintaining a creative practice is understanding how you work best, and under what conditions you produce your best work. Then, you need to consistently look for opportunities to cultivate those moments. I’ve found that my work is best served by seeking out periodic spells of isolation, preferably in the woods. Thankfully, many artist residencies provide just this kind of environment. For me, residencies offer time and space. Not just physical space, but more importantly, mental space.

Who is your favorite artist (or two)? There are so many. A few of the artists whose work I return to again and again are Lee Bontecou, Mona Hatoum, and Doris Salcedo. Sometimes the work of Giorgio de Chirico and Lenora Carrington haunts my dreams.

What is your favorite food? Chicago-style hot dogs. Hands down.

Best movie you’ve seen in your lifetime? Jurassic Park. It was incredible in 1993, and it still blows my mind in 2021.

What was an aha moment for you? Realizing, after getting my BFA in studio craft and my MFA in metal, that I was actually a sculptor, and that I didn’t need to use metal to make good work.

Top three things you like about the arts in Louisville? I can’t wait to answer this question after the pandemic has died down. I moved to Louisville in August of 2020, so I still feel like I don’t really know the arts in Louisville. I will say that I love the Speed Museum, Quappi Projects, the architecture in Old Louisville, and North Lime’s donuts.

What has been your most memorable moment at KyCAD? Three-way tie:

  • Accidentally setting off the alarm in the mansion and scrambling around like a headless chicken to turn it off;
  • Participating in a virtual meditation led by Owsley Brown in Mindful Studio this fall;
  • Attending the first Junior Capstone critique and feeling simultaneously excited by the wonderful work the students were creating and privileged that I can be part of their journey.


An Interview with Melissa Liptrap

Registrar and Unsung Hero…

How do you make a difference in the student’s lives at KyCAD? (i.e. what is most important about your role?) I really value helping students find their path to the finish line.  Tracking each student’s progress toward degree completion is important, but it is also exciting to follow.

What is your favorite pastime? Growing up, I always camped with my family, but I didn’t have the same appreciation for it that I do now. I love being outdoors, camping, hiking, and exploring. 

Why did you choose KyCAD?  When I started at KyCAD, it was still the Kentucky School of Art. I was really excited by the potential of the school and the opportunity to help it grow. The school has evolved so much over the years. It has been really challenging and really rewarding.

Who is your favorite artist (or two)? I don’t know that I can name a favorite, but I am really fascinated by Ian Cheng’s work. 

What is your favorite food? I love eating food that I’ve made with my family. Spicy and savory foods win out for me over sweets!

Best movie you’ve seen in your lifetime? I don’t watch a lot of movies, but Pina 3D was a beautifully shot tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch and I think of it often. 

Top three things you like about the arts in Louisville? Community, collaboration, and connection.

What has been your most memorable moment at KyCAD? When the first class of students graduated from our program at Spalding, that was a pretty memorable day. I’m really looking forward to seeing our first class of graduates as an independent institution!


An Interview with Andrew Cozzens

Associate Professor of Studio Arts, Director of Operations, & Chair, Center for Environment – KyCAD

What drives your passion in the arts: as an artist and professor of studio arts? I’ve always loved making. That’s where it started. I love learning new skills and working with new materials and processes. I also love people. Through my research and studio practice, I address our collective problematic relationship to time, and through my teaching, I help students explore their interests to develop their own practice that exercises their own voice in a way that is meaningful to them.

Who is your favorite artist (or two)? I am going to cheat with this question. I have to start with Tehching Hsieh, but tied for second is James Turrell, Bruce Nauman, Ai Wei Wei, Olafur Eliasson, Ana Mendieta, Guiseppe Penone, Anne Hamilton, Roman Signer, Rachel Whiteread, and many more. Those are the big names. There are so many more and I am embarrassed for not listing all of the artists that have been my favorite at a specific place and time.

What is your favorite food? I really just like anything that is prepared with a little TLC. As for favorites, I love good pizza, soup dumplings, and Mediterranean food.

Best movie you’ve seen in your lifetime? City of God and Inglorious Bastards… those two come to mind right off the bat, but there are so many good films out there that it’s tough to think about a favorite for too long.

What was an aha moment for you? When I realized that I had spent hours and hours and hours sitting in my studio watching metal slowly rust. It was research for a different project, but I did it day after day for quite a while. I learned so much from doing it and enjoyed doing it so much, that I began to shift my focus from just making artwork ABOUT time, to examining the human EXPERIENCE of time.

What has been your most memorable moment at KyCAD? Teaching Senior Thesis. There is nothing like watching a student develop their work and their practice to a place where they are creating and exhibiting artwork that truly represents their own interests as individual artists.

Top three things you like about the arts in Louisville? 

  1. The Community. I should probably make this my 1, 2, and 3.
  2. The Diversity/ Variety. There are artists here doing so many different things. It’s fantastic!
  3. The Resources. Compared to other cities, being an artist and living in Louisville is very doable!


An Interview with Austin Kopp

Junior BFA Student & Rising Fashion Designer – Austin Kopp(AK)

Who is Austin Kopp? I am a very detail-oriented and organized person. There is a rhyme or reason for everything I do. I believe every decision we make will have an impact on the future, so I live my life in a disciplined and morally driven way. I strive to be as productive as possible, and I attempt to experience as many new things as I can because I feel as if I can never consume enough. I am a creative individual because of my personality, not my skills. I believe as people, we all have untapped potentials; mine are never-ending. If I set my mind to something, I will approach it with all my efforts and energy. I believe my talents come from my drive to learn and grow as a person. As a creative individual, I strive for authenticity. I don’t create and work tirelessly because I want to be recognized, paid or respected. I am here to learn, grow and be the best version of myself.

What drives your passion in the arts, and as an art and design student? What drives my passion is growth. I create because I learn something every time I go through the process of developing a new product. Whether it was a success or not, there is always something I take away from that experience, whether good or bad. I feel that in my clothing, there is a much deeper passion that drives me. When developing products, I strive to be fully engaged in the medium and my practice. When I design clothing, I do it based off my style and my vision. My goal is to fully submit to the work and allow for the purity and authenticity in myself to prevail in my creations. My passion is driven by the feeling my customers get when wearing one of my products. I create clothing because of my unique sense of style, and I sell clothing to make people feel unique and empowered.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? I wouldn’t say I have a single favorite designer because I admire so many different designers and styles. I feel the clothing industry is ever-evolving, so it is hard to distinguish who my favorite would be. Even though I like so many, Rhuigi Villaseñor is a designer that particularly stands out due to his rapid success and extremely unique designs.

What is your favorite food? Seafood or Italian

Best movie you’ve seen in your lifetime? Interstellar, if it’s not the best it would definitely be in my top 10.

What was an aha moment for you? One of the biggest aha moments I’ve had was when I first started making clothing. I essentially had no knowledge or formal education going into fashion design, everything I know has been self-taught. My first aha moment was about eight months in; I began to get experimental with my designs and their functions. I started to develop a trucker jacket that I believed could have been one of the most unique articles of clothing I’ve ever seen. It took me about five to six months to design and complete, but when I finished it, I was in awe with myself. Not only did it fit extremely well, but it was truly one of the most unique pieces of clothing I have ever seen. That is when I knew this path was for me.

Best thing you like about the arts in Louisville? For me personally, the best thing about the arts in Louisville is that the playing floor isn’t saturated. I believe Louisville is in the process of developing a much larger art scene than the city has ever seen, and I am extremely excited for what the future brings!

What has been your favorite class at KyCAD thus far? One of my favorite classes at KyCAD was a film introduction class. It was one of my favorites because I had never been introduced to that side of art/design, so it was very exciting to learn more about it.

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