KyCAD Announces Partnership with Americans for the Arts

Certificate of Professional Practice in Arts + Business

KyCAD has partnered with Americans for the Arts to offer a program that examines the arts market and management structures of the industry. Preparing students in entrepreneurship, job readiness, community collaborations and practice.

This program is only offered to KyCAD students and alumni and is a one-off program offered in today’s art and design education institutions. Students will be introduced to industry knowledge from leading professionals. In addition, boost their resumes in a most competitive industry.

In this 12-hour on-demand certificate course, we will review the skills artists need to enter the marketplace. Students are introduced to aspects of business planning, communications, intellectual property, marketing, collaboration initiatives, financial planning, residencies, portfolio building and more.

There are twelve modules in this course, and each module contains videos, additional resources, and a quiz.

Course Outline

Certificate Information

Certificates of completion will be offered twice a year in December and May for this course. Students who complete the program will receive their certificate of completion based on when they complete the program.

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