Lyrical Rorschach Hack Attack

Matthew Walsh believes in the power of strangeness to spark creative thinking. Seemingly incongruous elements can be carefully fused to produce a potent elixir that challenges conventionality and opens new doorways to the mind.Walsh describes himself as “a writer, typographer, illustrator, magician, El Camino enthusiast, and all-around variously-bearded guy whose work involves lettering, poetry, portraiture, illustration, the grotesque, and history.” Walsh, who exhibited more than 20 of his evocative, pop-culture posters at KyCAD’s 849 Gallery, says he is interested in, “the magical gap between words, the enchantment of stories, and the transformative power of the weird.”

Audience members were invited to view the pieces, read them out loud, and explore the associations and allusions toward your own spells.