Call and Response: Art, Science, and COVID-19 in Kentucky.

During the trials and tribulations of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have not only relied heavily on the advancements of science, but also on the healing power of the arts and a sense of community to continue moving forward. From green bulbs lighting up the state to hand-stitched masks for healthcare workers, many of our citizens stood together as “Team Kentucky.” In an effort to showcase this consequential moment in history, a designer, a sculptor and a curator created the art exhibit, “Call and Response: Art, Science, and COVID-19 in Kentucky.”

Featuring the work of KyCAD’s Chair of the Center of Visualization and studio art professor, Jeff Brice, KyCAD Assistant Professor Andrew Cozzens, Los Angeles-based curator and KyCAD Adjunct Professor Koan Basa, and other collaborators, this exhibit offers a visual representation of the COVID-19 pandemic and a deliberate reflection on this past year in the Commonwealth.

This team that created this exhibit adopted a multifaceted approach to communicating the work of the University of Louisville’s Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute’s Co-Immunity Project team, which aims to engage researchers and citizen scientists to learn how the natural, social and personal environments can impact our health. This exhibit is housed in KyCAD’s 849 Gallery, but it is currently not open to the public. Until we can open this fascinating exhibit for all to view, we invite you to take a quick virtual tour below.