Amy Hoagland: Fragmented Natural

The latest installment of our Visiting Artist Lecture Series features University of Kentucky graduate Amy Hoagland. Hoagland’s new body of work examines what the artist experienced firsthand as a fragmentation of a once sustainable Earth, due to emerging discontinuities in the environment.

Hoagland has been examining a variety of landscapes, from Alaskan glaciers to Nepalese river beds, for her experimental research that culminated in the new exhibition, “Fragmented Natural.”

Fragmented Natural is a reaction to the physical transformation of the Earth’s landscape through human activity, experimenting with the application of new technologies alongside craft processes to create 30 photogrammetry scans of melting Alaskan glaciers, constructing a permanent representation of what once was.

On View: Feb. 28 — May 1, 2019
Opening Reception:849 Gallery Feb. 28, 5-7pm
849 S 3rd Street Louisville, Kentucky 40203
Gallery Hours: Th/ F 11 :30-2:30 or by appointment —

Learn more about Amy here: