Anchal Project + KyCAD: Art and Design Competition

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For current KyCAD students and graduates only.

We are ecstatic to announce a new collaboration between the Anchal Project and Kentucky College of Art + Design, as we kick off our first art, design and social enterprise initiative.

One KyCAD student or KyCAD graduates @ Spalding program will have the chance to have your design featured on a signature, limited collection quilt and potential wearable garment partnering with the team at the Anchal Project. Colleen and Maggie Clines have a passion for women in need of release and financial independence and empowerment from human trafficking. What is more they have mastered a business model combining textiles, sustainable dyes, home and fashion design, and social enterprise here in Louisville to support their mission. We are honored to be working with such a team.

Attention Artists and Designers

We are seeking current KyCAD and graduate KyCAD @ Spalding student applicants who would be interested in this endeavor. The end of February 2021, we will announce one forwarding thinking, driven, conscious minded student with the skill to translate art into textile design for a quilt and wearable product as winner.

All entries are due by February 18, 2021.

Entry requirements:

  • You must be in good academic standing or a graduate of KyCAD @ Spalding.
  • Utilizing inspiration from a drawing or painting, design a piece of art within a rectangular frame using Illustrator.
  • Note: The winning design will be translated into a 74” x 54” Quilt and should be used as the base concept of your design.
  • Compile your design in a reduced-sized PDF.
  • In addition, create a 3 to 5-minute (maximum) video using Vimeo (with password) describing your inspiration, the concept of the design and a detailed description of the artwork.
  • Please include a cover page with your reduced-sized PDF with the following:
    • Your full name, academic year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) or graduation year, email address and phone number.
    • Vimeo link and password to your video

The Anchal Project + KyCAD design initiative is first-off collaboration between art, design and social enterprise of these two not-for-profit organizations. And we are excited to provide a KyCAD family member the opportunity to co-design with the Anchal Project for March production and April release.

Again, submissions are due by February 18, 2021.

Please submit your entries to Should you have any questions, please use the same email.