Category: Musical

Choreographer’s Showcase

KyCAD is thrilled to collaborate with the Louisville Ballet, exploring fertile ground where performing, visual, digital and time-based disciplines meet in exciting joint projects. January 31 – February 2.


In-Between the Real and the Ideal—A choreography for “Alla Hornpipe” from Water Music is formed by the choreography of repeated gestures. The reflections create a partnership between image and music while expressing the nature of performance as choreographed movement of pose-to-pose gestures, or the conductor’s breaths drawn at certain lengths and depths between intervals of time. The work explores the connection between the real and the ideal, image and sound, object and subject, shadow and projection, such as a thing reflected on the surface of water.

KyCAD Gala

Our largest fundraising event of the year! The 2019 Gala honored Rev. Al Shands, one of Louisville’s most prominent and most passionate patrons of the arts, and the work he has done through the Great Meadows Foundation.