Message From the President

Covid 19 Protocols for Spring Semester 2022

KyCAD will continue its policy of Bi-Monthly Covid testing for students and faculty who have chosen not to be vaccinated. Testing will continue in partnership with Blue Water Diagnostic Laboratory.

It was decided not to implement a vaccine mandate at this time, however, KyCAD reserves the right to review this on an ongoing basis. KyCAD may consider a full vaccine mandate for Faculty and staff in the future.

Faculty, Staff and Students must send Covid test results to This is Wednesday at noon to this address.

Should a clear test result not be sent within 48hrs or Wednesday at noon of the week of the test students will be asked not to attend class. Faculty and Staff will be asked not to attend work.

The VPAA will notify faculty and students that they must not attend class or enter a KyCAD building without a clear test result. HCM will notify staff that they must not attend work. KyCAD has a stock of instant Binax 15 minute tests that any student, faculty or staff member can use. If a clear result is obtained then immediate entry to class or the building is gained.

The administration of this process is time consuming, but KyCAD is working hard to embrace an inclusive approach while also keeping its community safe.

Should anyone continue to not meet the requirements of this process, KyCAD will follow a “three strikes and out” rule, and require a full deferment or termination of contract. Class will be cancelled.

If any member of the KyCAD community tests positive for Covid they are asked to stay home until they no longer test positive. A recent test result taken within 48 hours is needed for access to the buildings/studios or classes. If testing positive and feeling well students may contact faculty direct for the possibility to work from home. If feeling unwell and unable to continue with studies the usual process applies and class can be dropped. This gives time for full recuperation.

If any member of the KyCAD community has been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19 they should stay home and quarantine, then they should report exposure to Take an immediate test and even if it is negative, take another test in three days. Faculty will continue with remote class if at all possible.  A clear test after 3- 5 days means immediate access to the building or classes as needed unless a full campus closure has been announced. Any need for additional testing will be communicated via email and Populi.

KyCAD is working to keep in person classes running throughout the year and maintaining clear policies and protocols is part of that process.

On entering all buildings masks should be worn and temperatures taken. Any temperature above 99 Degrees means no entry and a period of isolation of three days. A clear test result after 3 days is needed for re-entry.

Hand sanitizer is available in all buildings and the frequent wiping down of surfaces is encouraged.

KyCAD will arrange for regular cleaning and the occasional deep clean of both buildings as needed.

Many thanks, Moira Scott Payne