Margaret Maginnis obtained a M.A. in Sociology and a B.S from the Department of Geography and Geosciences from the University of Louisville, KY. Her academic emphasis was on spatial dynamics of human social interaction and the nature of community relationships. She tailored her academic experience to the application of GIS (Geographic Information Science), quantitative methods, spatial analysis and general geographic sciences to the social environment.

She worked for many years as the Director of Research for a non-profit organization focused on the development of inner-city Neighborhoods. During this time, she developed relevant skills and knowledge of the complexities of social issues which included documentation and implementation of programs for poorer and disadvantaged neighborhoods. This work involved tasks that required the knowledge and integration of Federal, State and local databases all of which were well suited to the quantitative and statistical skills she developed while completing her degrees.

Most recently, Maginnis was an instructor in Human Geography at the University of Louisville where she developed the curriculum and taught multiple classes covering current and future social issues from a geographic perspective.