Student Achievement 

The Kentucky College of Art + Design identifies and evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission “to promote a creative and productive life through an undergraduate education in the contemporary arts.” KyCAD’s current measures for student achievement include: 

  • Student Retention 
  • Graduation Rate  
  • Degrees Awarded 
  • Job Placement 

 Student Retention 

Retention rates listed below represent the percentage of First-Time in College Full-Time students (FTFT) in a beginning fall cohort who return to the college the following fall semester. 

Cohort    Retention Goal   Retention Rate    Goal Met  
  80%  87.5%  Yes  
  80%  80%  Yes  
  80%  100%  Yes  
  80%  100%   Yes 

 6-Year Graduation Rate 

Graduation rates listed below represent First-Time in College Full-Time students (FTFT) who complete their program within a specified period of time (6-years). 


Cohort    6-Year Graduation Rate Goal   6-Year Graduation Rate    Goal Met  
  65%  TBD*  TBD* 

 Degrees Awarded 

KyCAD awards one degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Data below represent the total number of students graduating with that degree within the given academic year. 

Graduation Year    Graduates 
2022  3 
2023  3 

 Job Placement 

Job placement rates represent the percentage of graduates who are employed within one year** of graduation. 

Graduation Year    Employment Goal  Employment Rate  Goal Met  
2022  88%  100%**  Yes** 
2023  88%  100%  Yes 


*The Kentucky College of Art + Design admitted its first students (Cohort 1) in January 2019. A 6-year graduation rate will be calculated and reported upon the close of Cohort 1’s 6th year (12th semester) and continue to be calculated annually for each entering Fall Cohort thereafter. 

Disaggregated graduation rate data will be reported by gender, major racial and ethnic subgroup, recipients of Pell Grants, recipients of a subsidized federal loan who did not receive a Pell Grant, and recipients of neither a Pell Grant nor subsidized loan. 

Students who transfer without completing their degree program will be counted as noncompleters in the calculation of these rates, regardless of whether they complete a degree program at another institution.  

Values for disaggregated data are not displayed publicly if there are fewer than 5 entering students as to protect student privacy.  

**Post graduation survey was implemented in the Fall of 2023. Data for Class of 2022 was collected 17 months after graduation.