Commitment to Diversity

Kentucky College of Art and Design is committed to welcoming and supporting equity for all. From all parts of the organization, we will strive to demonstrate our commitment to all; ethnicities, national origins, ages, gender identities, gender expression, sexual orientation, religions, political affiliations, learning differences, different abilities, socioeconomic status.

We will strive to reflect this commitment through our:

  • student recruitment
  • hiring processes
  • curriculum
  • support services
  • marketing materials
  • learning environments and buildings
  • shared pronouns

KyCAD is wholeheartedly committed to diversity. Considering current events, the college is taking the summer to learn and reflect on this vital and critical subject. In the fall, Kentucky College of Art + Design will focus on creating an inclusive and cohesive statement of diversity and will be holistically driven by our Board of Trustees, Faculty, Student, and Staff Assemblies, and the KyCAD community members.