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Introducing a Newly Independent KyCAD

On April 19, 2018, the KyCAD board and management team decided to take an important step toward its vision to be the first independent college of art and design in Kentucky. This step meant a move away from being a university department, and a determined step toward becoming an accredited college on its own.

As these changes are unfolding, KyCAD continues to be a hive of activity focused on pursuing its mission to be a city-centered, interdisciplinary hub of creative activity for a diverse cross-section of our community. KyCAD is designing ways in which it can actively participate in the arts in Louisville and bring energy and excitement around what we see as a thriving arts city.

We have recently announced our new home, the Speed Mansion in Old Louisville, and we look forward to connecting with our neighbors in this important historic district.

Students and all members of the KyCAD community will be invited to be part of these city events and activities, and faculty will invite local and national stakeholders to join them in the strategic planning sessions that will create a future-ready college of art and design. We feel that being future-ready means continuing to pursue and consolidate a variety of partnerships and opportunities with colleges and schools, arts organizations and businesses in the city. KyCAD is now engaged in a number of conversations that will have a lasting impact on a new generation of artists in Louisville.

Our collaborations with the Louisville Orchestra and the Louisville Ballet continue, exploring the fertile ground where the performing, visual, digital and time-based disciplines meet on exciting joint projects set for public exhibition in early 2019.

Watch this space for details of a new community program at our 849 Gallery building that will unroll an exciting array of evening, daytime and weekend art classes. Classes might include drawing, painting, and book binding. We also plan a series of masterclasses that will bring arts leaders and experts to Louisville for weekend workshops, talks, and events.

If you or your friends have particular requests for masterclasses or workshops please let us know. Things will be unfolding quickly and we will keep this new website up to date with our activities and events.

Keep watching…this will be a lively site!

Moira Scott Payne
President, KyCAD